Norkring offers colocation of equipment in our technical facilities, masts and towers. By taking advantage of our colocation services, you are guaranteed a focus on security. We offer surveillance, remote control, secure placement of the equipment, a secure power supply and backup power solutions. As we have customers that demand we comply with public safety and emergency service/alerting requirements, we have very high standards for uptime, response times and error resolution at the majority of our mast stations. We have a manned operations and support centre which monitors equipment and services 24/7.

The colocation product consists of five product modules:

• Space for equipment

• Space for antennae

• Termination

• Power supply

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Colocation offers access for any telecommunications service provider to place their equipment in another network provider’s operations centre or base station so that they can offer services via their own telecommunications or leased lines to their customers. Colocation is regulated by the Norwegian authorities. Our pricing for these services are coordinated with Telenor: https://www.telenorwholesale.n...

Other services falling under Tower Services


Norkring provides technical design and geographical solution planning of individual systems and networks. We propose solutions, equipment and the best locations, identify what needs to be done before building can commence and touch on every aspect of the project from colocation of equipment, documentation, coordination with other parties, procurement and logistics.


Norkring provides project management, field personnel for rigging, building and installation of the base station along with any associated services that meet your company’s specific wishes and requirements.

Service operation

Norkring provides operation, monitoring and error handling of equipment based on the customer’s desired response time and uptime. We possess a nationwide regional apparatus and work with contractors that cover the entire country.


Norkring provides support with 24/7 monitoring of equipment and services, adapted to your desired response time and service needs.

Media services

Norkring currently provides a wide range of services for the media industry, including everything from technical planning, rigging and operation to video transmission (live or remote) with high HD quality and very little delay. We also provide additional services that enable multicasting, coordination of media streaming, storage and tag services.

Technical consulting

Norkring provides technical consulting services in the areas of planning, design, networks and project management within our core area of market-leading expertise.

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Important information when visiting and working at Norkring’s stations

Norkring installation principles - for antennae and cables in Norkring’s masts and towers

Given the current threat level as well as crime-related trends, it is extremely important to be extra observant when working at our facilities and sites. Accordingly, we are strengthening workplace policies in terms of on-site vigilance, not only to prevent outright theft of equipment but also to reduce the risk of unauthorised persons carrying out unwanted activities in and around our station facilities.

Norkring has taken note of a number of incidents over the past few years and maintained regular dialogue with relevant actors that monitor the general situation and trends. In Sweden, for example, radio and telecommunications masts have been subjected to sabotage and contractor uniforms as well as mast climbing equipment have been stolen. In addition, there have been a number of serious cyber attacks against media companies and the public sector in Norway as well as neighbouring countries.

Measures that have been implemented

Contractors are required to exercise increased vigilance and diligence when working at Norkring’s station facilities and installations. All contractor personnel must carry access cards as well as government-issued identification (driver’s licence or passport) on them at all times. Personnel are not allowed to leave doors open or keep them open for other people, and anyone who is unable to use their own access card is prohibited from entering facilities and sites.

Vehicles containing equipment and tools must be locked whenever no one is present in the vehicle. Tools, uniforms and other equipment must be carried/worn on the person at all times, located under supervision within the workplace or locked up.

Any activity or incidents that could be considered abnormal must be reported immediately to NOC either by e-mail at or by phone on +47 22 77 30 00. NOC will subsequently forward the information to the appropriate authorities.