Make your arena bigger

The solution currently handles transmissions from 32 arenas, including those which serve the top two divisions in Swedish football, with content being sent to central receivers such as broadcasters TV4 and CMore, among others.

SEF has now chosen a technical platform which is future-ready and designed to improve the football experience for both those at the stadium and for everyone back at home enjoying the game from their sofa. The solution connects all arenas together on the same network in order to exchange content and offer first-class serves to all clubs in the Allsvenskan and Superettan leagues. Norkring is a turn-key supplier and takes full operational responsibility for the solution

Customised experiences

Arena Streaming can easily be adapted to any existing club or association app that you may be using. Or if you haven’t got one, you can build your own using ours as a template. No matter what needs you may have, the Arena Streaming app can be adapted to any and all requirements.

In the very moment

Arena Streaming offers live streaming with the lowest delay on the market – never more than eight seconds. This gives users the best possible experience and allows them to enjoy the event in real time, without having to worry about spoilers. Arena Streaming similarly does not require additional streams for separate broadcast outtakes, such as the tagging of certain incidents or occurrences during an event.

Endless replays

All of the content produced is stored in Norkrings Media asset management plattform Auroa, giving you the ability to pick out your favourite highlights from previous events and to produce new content for use in future matches and fixtures.

Active use of metadata

Metadata from sporting events is worth its weight in gold when it comes to analyses, statistics and tipping. Norkring has solutions that can be used to collect data before an event, to automatically or manually generate data during an event and to securely distribute these data to partners, subscribers or apps. Metadata will always be stored and connected to the content.

Give the audience what they want

In order to use the app users need to log in. That means you always know who is visiting and what preferences each individual user may have. This opens up the possibility to tailor the content on NAS in accordance with what different users are particularly interested in. Moreover, by identifying user groups in the app, NAS offers opportunities for both cross and up-selling.

Benefits to the user

For your audience, access to the local app means access to all events – whether they are able to make it there in person or not.

The use of metadata increases the value of the content produced by the app, therefore allowing the app to elevate and surpass the event itself in real time:

  • Use of live statistics.
  • Live reports from other arenas.
  • Instant replays.
  • personalised offers then and there.
  • Opportunity to order merchandise (or food directly at the arena).