Capacity and access

We offer secure fibre transmission with a high capacity as well as the possibility of redundancy. Norkring’s network has an incredibly low delay of just 200ms, which makes all the difference when it comes to live broadcasting. Our solutions make it possible to connect to a global network and multiple access points. For example, the solutions that we use in arenas across the Nordic region have more than 150 access points.

Remote production

Norkring’s contribution solution is ready for All-IP and offers both pure IP solutions as well as hybrid solutions for remote production. Norkring’s network solutions means that only the production team needs to be on-site at the arena or location while the producer can work from the main office. This means you don’t need to hit the road on a huge and costly production bus and that you can instead minimise travel time and distribute your resources much more effectively.


Master Control Room

Coordination and timing are critical when it comes to being on the air. We monitor all of our services 24/7 from the Norkring Control Room. Our control centre is manned by highly qualified staff. We take it upon ourselves to follow our broadcasts and ensure that the audiovisual quality is right and that all files end up in the right place and with the right quality. Our MCR can also be used for international transmissions. This means you get a dedicated point of contact that follows up on the quality of all production.