Two networks for the future

Norkring Broadcast Services currently provides two types of transmission networks: DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) for digital TV signals and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) for digital radio signals broadcasted from terrestrial transmitters. DTT covers more than 95% of the population of Norway, while DAB covers 92% of the population for commercial radio stations and 99.5% of the population for NRK.

The digitisation of radio and TV signals creates a lot of exciting opportunities for broadcasters and receivers today, with more to come in the future. Norkring is at the vanguard of these developments, ensuring that our customers will always have the opportunity to provide relevant services that enhance the viewing and listening experience.


We are one of several networks used by the Norwegian disaster and emergency services. Our responsibility is to ensure that all listeners of NRK P1 are alerted in the event of an emergency or disaster, making uptime and security our highest priority. We are part of Norway’s national infrastructure. This comes with a set of obligations, which also benefits all our customers. Norkring has an operations centre monitoring its networks 24/7. In the event that some part of our transmission infrastructure requires maintenance should errors arise, we dispatch personnel from our nationwide network of contractors to the site.

Optimal solutions every time

With our strong expertise and broadcast networks, we always provide the optimal solution for your specific needs. You can use us as a full service provider or choose complementary solutions with services throughout our network. We have excellent network planners and have a reputation for offering appropriate and high-quality services to our customers, and we are committed to maintaining that reputation.

We also work with other industries

Our primary business revolves around moving images and sound. However, our monitoring and communication solutions can be adapted to any industry where monitoring or direct access to customers/production units is necessary. Our network makes a lot of things possible. Contact us to discuss what solutions or new ideas we can help you with.


From analogue to digital TV in Norway

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