Futsal expands its arena with solutions from Norkring

Futsal has become a very popular sport in Sweden and now even more can join in via the Arena streaming solution from Norkring. As an audience, you log in via an app or on the web and get access to all of the Futsal series matches. Preparations has started for the new season that starts in October.

Futsal expands its arena with solutions from Norkring

Intense games
In the absence of football fields, the sport saw its light in Uruguay in 1930. The sport that is inspired by football consists of teams of five players and one goalkeeper. Today Futsal is played all over the world, and in 1989 the sport was integrated under FIFA's organization. In Sweden, the sport has now has over 150,000 registered players, national men's and women's teams and national men's series. A match consists of 2 x 20 minutes of effective playing time on a small court with three referees to control it all.

Watch the match live via Arena Streaming from Norkring
With Norkring Arena Streaming an even bigger audience can watched the game. Up to 4000 people have streamed a futsal match at the same time using the solution. 180 games have been broadcasted this season.

The technical solution
The clubs are responsible for delivering signal from the arena to Norkring. Movie cameras in the arena is being connected to a PC (typically laptop) running a streaming program. Many clubs use a free program called OBS. In this program, you can add simple graphics such as which teams play, position and match clock. In OBS, you also set up the stream, ie the stream of video that Norkring receives via the internet. When Norkring receive the signal, it is being encoded and made available on WEB and in APP with the same solution used for Norkring Arena Streaming.