Norkring operates and monitors services and transmission networks 24/7 from our monitoring centre at Fornebu. With our solid experience and know-how, we operate one of Europe’s largest networks over a large geographic area in a country with challenging topography and an unpredictable climate.

In order to meet our customers’ needs, as well as monitor 3000 stations, we have started using the latest technology in the form of systems for monitoring, problem solving and maintenance. Experienced workers with solid experience are available both in the monitoring room and out in the field.

Basic operations services
The service includes 24/7 monitoring of incidents within the infrastructure that could lead to disruption of services, along with reporting, status warnings, and access to the service desk. The service provides a more predictable performance level, as well as fast, accurate information about incidents.

The Control Centre monitors and coordinates alarms and scheduled work at stations. This offers a quick overview of status and fault situations. Separate warnings are issued to advise customers of maintenance work and upgrades on the Norkring network itself or on equipment belonging to power suppliers which would have an impact on the services.

All recorded incidents that have an impact on the service are reported each month.

The Operations Centre sends out warnings of any incidents via email. A warning contains:

  • Time of the recorded incident
  • Description of the incident, cause and measures taken
  • Information on affected services, station name, municipality and county
  • Ongoing status

Service desk
Our 24-hour staffed service desk constantly has up-to-date information on status and recorded incidents on the network.

Additional services:

  • Monitoring, alarms and reporting relating to installed equipment
  • Troubleshooting for installed equipment
  • Maintenance of installed equipment
  • Consultancy services for operational processes (ITIL)