Norkring is a company that has solid experience and high competence in broadcasting.

Our qualified workers make every effort to meet Norkring’s obligations to our customers, and Norkring’s strong and solid market position is evidence of our extensive experience.

Through many years of experience, Norkring has developed its core expertise in planning, development and operation of networks, as well as planning and administration of frequencies. This has also given us the opportunity to establish Norkring outside of Norway.

Analogue and digital Networks
Through development of the analogue transmission and distribution network for TV and radio for NRK, Norkring has built up a unique area of competence. After developing commercial radio and TV channels in Norway, Norkring also developed and operated transmission and distribution networks for several local TV and radio stations.

In just 24 months, Norkring built the digital terrestrial network for TV—within the constraints of both budget and time. In 2007, household coverage was at 80%. By the end of 2008, coverage was at 95% with three multiplexers, and in 2010 coverage was at 95% with five multiplexers.