Norkring provides space at our sites located throughout Norway for antennae and transmission equipment.

Norkring owns 2750 transmission stations for terrestrial broadcasting, spread out across Norway. Norkring rent out space for antennas and equipment for broadcasters, mobile operators, broadband customers and public services at these stations.

New customer to Norkring – please contact Key Account Manager for Colocation Service.
For enquiries regarding installation and work
Enquiries will be processed within 6 weeks of receipt.

Current prices for installation of colocation services can be found here:

Norkring also offers installation services and dismantling of transmission equipment.

Installation of equipment
Norkring takes responsibility for the installation and requirements (Telelosji agreement appendix 4 – Installation and operation). The customer is responsible for providing technical equipment, cables, material and plugs for installation.

Dismantling of equipment
Norkring takes responsibilty for dismantling of Equipment and requirements (Telelosji agreement)

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Access to sites – key service
Norkring offers 2 options to access sites in connection with equipment located at Norkring sites.

Access to Norkring sites is regulated in the Telelosji agreement. Customers and contracting firms have to be pre-qualified to enter Norkring sites to secure safety on sites, and to secure that personnel get access to sites when needed.

Key Service deposit agreement
Long term and short term deposit agreement give access to keys or keycards for a specified time period and for a specified site.

For more information about key deposit:

Assistance to sites
Some of Norkring’s sites may require assistance to visit. This must be arranged specially. To order assistance please contact Norkrings main contractor Rejlers.