Norkring owns and operates the majority of transmission installations for terrestrial broadcasting in Norway, and provides services based on both analogue and digital technologies.

Radio transmission network
Norkring offers capacity for both nationwide and local transmission networks for radio. The company can plan, build and operate transmission networks regardless of which technology is used. Capacity can currently be hired on the following transmission platforms:

  • FM
  • DAB
  • AM

Norkring operates several nationwide FM transmission networks. On the nationwide networks, channels are currently being broadcast from NRK, P4 and Radio Norge which own the content licences. Norkring also offers local FM transmission networks. On the FM network, we also offer additional services such as RDS (Radio Data Signal) which, among other things, offers automatic selection of the transmitter that provides the best reception and the option of station ID.

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, and is the technology that is used for digital transmission of radio networks. Norkring operates both a nationwide network and a nationwide network divided up by region. The population coverage for the regional network is 99,5 % and Nationwide network 90 %. The government has decided that DAB will replace analogue FM networks.

For more information on DAB coverage and programme content: Digitalradio Norway


TV transmission network
Norkring has planned and rolled out the digital terrestrial transmission network for TV and is carrying out this mission for Norges Televisjon AS (NTV), which owns the licence. Digitalisation was completed when the last analogue TV transmitters were phased out in December 2009, almost 50 years after the first TV transmissions started in Norway.

DTT – Digital terrestrial television network
DTT stands for Digital Terrestrial Television and is the transmission platform that has been rolled out in Norway with a population coverage of 95%. The transmission network is based on the DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial) technical standard, and the Norwegian network was the first in the world to undergo comprehensive development based on MPEG-4 compression technology. This involves more efficient utilisation of available frequencies, with each programme needing “less space” on the network to offer viewers a high technical quality. This has also opened up opportunities for distributing more channels with HD quality. Programmes offered by NRK and RiksTV are available on the digital terrestrial network.

For more information on coverage and programme content, go to:
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