Norkring is a company that works with a view to upholding responsible business ethics.

Environment: Identify and manage Norkring’s effect on the environment in compliance with international standards, and ensure that Telenor Group guidelines and procedures are followed.

Community: Identify and manage Norkring’s effect on the community, such as human rights and monitoring of subcontractors.

Governance: Ensure compliance with a high standard of business ethics and internationally recognised human rights and labour rights.

Norkring acts in accordance with Telenor’s guidelines. Telenor aims to be a leader in the area of health, safety and environment in order to ensure a high level and good standards. Norkring has also implemented internal monitoring to ensure that guidelines are followed.

Norkring observes Telenor’s working environment guidelines, Norkring’s own guidelines concerning HSE requirements and the requirements of public authorities.

Telenor and Norkring ensure sustainable development of the value chain through Agreements on responsible Business Conduct (ABC). These agreements emphasise how the company, suppliers and partners should work together to promote responsible business ethics in the industry.

Norkring focuses on continual improvements within the areas of social responsibility, lawful business practices and HSE.

Norkring is obliged through customer agreements and HSE requirements to maintain a certain standard at the company’s transmission sites. There are regularly inspections at sites together with the local fire department where fire safety, escape routes and information signs are checked. The video shows an inspection at Lønahorgi transmitter site.

Environmental profile
Norkring acts in accordance with Telenor’s guidelines in order to secure positive results in environmental activities. Telenor aims to be a leading company within environmental protection by minimising the damaging effects we have on the environment and by developing, furthering and utilising environmentally friendly technology. Norkring aims to ensure positive growth through environmentally friendly development, services and products.