Norkring transmits radio and TV signals to listeners and viewers across the country.

The company was established in 1996 and is Norway’s top provider of terrestrial broadcasting services. Over the years, Norkring has developed its skills and knowledge in radio and TV broadcasting. Norkring owns and operates the majority of transmission installations in Norway and offers planning, development and operation of Networks.



1959 Radio relay office is established at the Royal Telegraph Administration. NRK is the only provider of radio and television programmes. Norwegian Telecommunications (such as the Royal Telegraph Administration) builds transmitter systems and ensures transfer to transmitters

1960 Development of a nationwide TV network begins, followed by a decade of updates and improvements

1992 TV2 network is set up

1996 Norkring is established (40% Telenor and 60% NRK)

1999 Telenor buys up the company and Norkring becomes a wholly-owned Telenor Company

1999 Roll out of digital audio broadcasting (DAB) begins

2006 Roll out of digital terrestrial television (DTT) begins

2009 Norkring Belgium established

2012 Roll out of the world’s most comprehensive DAB terrestrial network
Nationwide – 90% population coverage
Regional – 99.5% population coverage