A day on the job for a Norkring employee is extremely varied, as for some, an office desk may be replaced with helicopter helmets and probe vehicles.

Norkring have completed the DAB networks and has rolled out 765 DAB transmitters across the country. To ensure that coverage is provided as agreed and that antenna delivery and installation goes according to plan, measurements are taken all over the country.

View from the helicopter
Norkring employee Espen Lien sometimes has an airborne office in the form of a helicopter, from where he takes measurements. Many factors such as the wind and weather must be taken into consideration when carrying out work in a helicopter. The days can be long and it is important to take advantage of good flying weather in order to get things done.

Along the country road
Norkring also takes ground measurements to check that coverage is as expected. This job is performed using probe vehicles that are equipped to check the signal.