Digital pioneer

Look to Norway
Norkring has on behalf of NRK, Digitalradio Norway and Bauer Media built the world’s most extensive DAB network, which ensures that 99.5% of the Norwegian population has access to DAB. This is comparable with the coverage for NRK P1 on the FM network.
DAB in numbers
Norkring has built and now operates and owns the nationwide DAB networks in Norway.
Live from the DAB roll out
A day on the job for a Norkring employee is extremely varied, as for some, an office desk may be replaced with helicopter helmets and probe vehicles.
The people behind it all
Imagine a job where you get to spend much of your working hour on top of Norwegian mountains, in all types of weather and in extreme conditions. There are many employees at Norkring who have dedicated significant parts of their lives to providing the Norwegian people with TV images and radio sound. In several places in Norway, we use both snowmobiles and helicopters due to the location and challenges posed by the weather.

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